Prof. Assunta Marrocchi, Associate Professor     
Synthesis for Organic Cells

Prof.Oriana Piermatti, Associate Professor
Solid inorganic/Organic Catalysts

Prof, Stefano Santoro, Associate Professor
C-H Activation and computational methods

Francesco Ferlin, Postdoc 
Heterogenous Catalysis for C-H Functionalization

Federica Valentini, Postdoc
Solid supported metal catalysis 

John Anastasiou, PhD student 
Oxidative C-H activation 

Filippo Campana, PhD Student
Flow protocols for biomass valorisation

Daniele Sciosci, PhD Student
Novel C-H funcionalization Methods for Pharmaceutically Active Ingredients

Nihad Salameh, PhD Student
C-H activation using heterogeneous catalytic systems

Alireza Nazari Khodadadi, PhD Student
Bioorganic chemistry, drug developement and formulation, sustainable synthetic methodologies for borazine synthesis

Sumon Basak, PhD Student
Functional group decoration of Borazines using C-H activation and scale up with flow reactor

Giulia Brufani, PhD Student
Sustainable methodology for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and C-H functionalization in heterogeneous catalysis

Gabriele Rossini, PhD Student

Luigi Carpisassi, PhD Student
Flow chemistry for the synthesis of API

Carlo Ciancuti, Graduate Student
New heterogeneous catalysts for waste minimization in phenol reductive aminations

Benedetta Di Erasmo, Master Student
Palladium catalyzed functionalization of phenols

Dario Marchionni, Master Student
Sustainable C–H Functionalization through in-flow photochemistry

Francesco Minio, Master Student
Heterogeneous palladium-catalyzed C(SP1)–H activation for the preparation of fused heterocycles

Lucia Rosignoli, Master Student
Acetonitrile/Water azeotrope as a waste-minimizing reaction media for the CuAAC reactions of β-azido carbonyl compounds

Izzat Salameh, Master Student
Urban waste valorization for water purification

Virginia Grisci, Bachelor Student
Urban waste valorization to access PiNe as catalytic support

Daniele Gernini, Bachelor Student
Synthesis of propargyl alcohol and carbonates as substrates for Tsuji-Trost reactions

Francesca Mosca, Bachelor Student

Beatrice Costa, Bachelor Student

Gianmarco Peppucci, Bachelor Student

Edoardo Bazzica, Bachelor Student