Vadym Kozell (PhD Student)
Heterogeneous catalytic systems as a key to novel
sustainable protocols

Currently at

Chiara Petrucci (PhD Student) 
Heterogeneous catalysis and safer reaction media in flow: efficient tools for the definition of sustainable Pd-catalyzed transformations

Currently at Sterling S.p.A.

 Soliver Fusi (University of Maryland, USA
Visting IREU student), Solvent deriving from Biomasses 

Dace Rasina, 
Safer Organic solvent for Click Chemistry, C-H functionalization

(Visiting PhD Student from Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Prof. Aigars Jirgensons’ Group Riga, Latvia)  Currently post-doc in Riga

Fariba Rahmani, PhD student  Base-catalyzed processes

(PhD from Vali-e-Asr University, Iran)

Mahin Ramezani, PhD student
 Synthesis of novel heterogenous pincer

(PhD from Vali-e-Asr University, Iran)

Ariana Kahler-Quesada (Oregon State University, USA, Visting IREU student), C-H functionalization

Ana-Maria Županić BSc Visiting Student from Zagreb University, Biomass conversion to biofuels 

Mattia Francesco Bruni (Undergraduate student, Laurea in Chimica), C-H functionalization

Currently studying his Master in Groningen (NL) 

Simona Bonollo, PhD , (Research Fellow)      Solid Organic Catalysts and 

                                                                                         Stereoselective Organic Chemical processes

Currently High School Teacher

  Eleonora Ballerini, PhD, (Research Fellow)         Synthesis On Continuous-flow  Currently at Sistema Ambiente (          


 Giacomo Strappaveccia, (PhD Student)   Synthesis On Continuous-flow             

      Currently working in a company 

Elena Bartollini (PhD Student) Solid Organic Catalysts; ionic tags

Currently School Teaching

Simone Ziarelli       Solid Organic Catalyst; phosphazene base 

 (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Chimiche) 

Currently stage at Stering (

Bruno Rossetti   Solid Organic Catalyst; ionic tags

(Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Chimiche) 

Chiara Pennetta   Solid Organic Catalysts for Hydroformilation and Carbonylation Reactions, currently at K. U. Leuven in Prof. W. de Borggraeve group 

(Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Chimiche) 

Currently enrolled as PhD student at the Politecnico Milano under the supervision of Prof. Alessandro Volonterio

Matteo Cappelletti (Laurea in Chimica) Solid inorganic catalysts for cross-couplings 

Emilio Di Crescenzo (Laurea in Chimica) Safer Organic solvent for Cross-couplings

Adrien Comès (Visiting student from Namur University)    Solid Organic Catalyst for flow chemistry

Michael McLaughlin

Micheal McLaughlin (Visiting IREU student from US)    Solid Catalyst for cross-cross-couplings 

 Currently enrolled as PhD student at University of North Carolina

Ermal Ismalaj (moved to the University of Lyon as recipient of a Marie Curie grant)

Davide Marinelli (now in Prof. D. Bonifazi group as PhD student)

Başak Demircioğlu (Visiting student from University of Bogazici)

florence valtin

Florence Valtin (visiting student from FUNDP, Belgium currently in Glaxo Smithkline) Alonzi 

 Amanollah Zarei Ahmady (Visiting student from Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz now Assitant Professor at Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences)

marco tassi

 Marco Tassi (Master Degree in Biotechnology) 

Just enrolled in a PhD program in Hasselt (Belgium)


Tommaso Angelini (PhD and 1 year Post Doc) Current position Johnson Matthey, Cambridge, UK