Prof. Assunta Marrocchi, Associate Professor     
Synthesis for Organic Cells

Prof.Oriana Piermatti, Associate Professor
Solid inorganic/Organic Catalysts

Prof, Stefano Santoro, Associate Professor
C-H Activation and computational methods

Francesco Ferlin, Researcher (RTDB) 
Heterogenous Catalysis for C-H Functionalization

Federica Valentini, Researcher (RTDA)
Solid supported metal catalysis 

Filippo Campana, Researcher (RTDA)
Flow protocols for biomass valorisation

Giulia Brufani, Post-Doc
Sustainable methodology for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and C-H functionalization in heterogeneous catalysis

Luigi Carpisassi, Post-Doc
Flow chemistry for the synthesis of API

Matteo Bartalucci, Post-Doc
development of novel catalyzed processes in flow using solid catalysts.

Alireza Nazari Khodadadi, PhD Student
Sustainable synthetic methodology for accessing boron-nitrogen doped molecules

Gabriele Rossini, PhD Student
Green API synthesis

Benedetta Di Erasmo, PhD Student
Palladium catalyzed functionalization of phenols

Dario Marchionni, PhD Student
Sustainable C–H Functionalization through in-flow photochemistry

Francesco Minio, PhD Student
Heterogeneous palladium-catalyzed C(SP3)–H activation for the preparation of fused heterocycles

Simone Trastulli, PhD Student
Electroorganic synthesis

Ejdi Cela, PhD Student
Synthesis of multiple boron-nitrogen doped π-conjugated frameworks

Alessandro Maselli, PhD Student
Green total synthesis of APIs

Elisa Cerza, PhD Student
Sustainable processes for biomass valorization

Tommaso Scarabottini, PhD Student
Synthesis of heterocycles through C–H functionalization

Shaomin Chen, PhD Student

Parvin Holakooei, PhD Student
Developement of heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogen production from liquid organic hydrogen carriers

Filippo Bocerani, PhD Student
Green synthesis of pharmaceutical targets

Edoardo Bazzica, PhD Student
Biomass-derived phenols valorization

Fan Huang, PhD Student
C-H Functionalization of BN doped materials

Tian Sang, PhD Student
Synthesis of heterocycles via sustainable heterogeneous C(sp3)–H functionalization processes.

Maria Teresa Tiberi , Master Student
Buchwald-Hartwig in heterogeneous condition for the waste minimized access of Di and Tri-arylammines

Antonio Vella , Master Student
Phenol valorization through dehydrogenative aromatization for the synthesis of variously functionalized arylamines.

Davide Gandolfo , Master Student
Green reduction processes with a Ni-based catalyst derived from the valorization of urban waste.

Martina Fagioli , Bachelor Student
Synthesis of waste-derived heterogeneous metal based catalysts

Valentina Bordi , Bachelor Student
Synthesis of differently functionalized aryl boronic esters